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The construction was as swift as that of a shed. The materials also do not differ that much from those employed in any industrial building. However, it is clear that the Ágora Tech Park is nothing alike the triviality of logistic factory buildings recurrently found on the margins of Brazilian highways. Estúdio Modulo has assumed that the Quality of a project does not come from the use of special and expensive materials. The Architects Marcus Vinicius Damon, Guilherme Bravin and Andressa Diniz make use of prefabricated building elements usually present in catalogs of companies in the national construction market. Nor do they conceive of elaborate details designed specifically for the building, the execution of which would require very specialized workmanship or almost handcrafted manufacture on the construction site. Therefore, in the Ágora Tech Park, Estúdio Modulo has set itself against those architects who sometimes have the understanding that their work as “epic”, which every millimeter needs to be drawn. The tectonics in the Ágora Tech Park is embodied with items from the industrial logic of large-scale production. The Authors appropriate this model also in the projectural reasoning based on the creation of systems. Due to this ode to pragmatism, the Joinville building was built between August 2018 and March 2019, the date of its opening. More than the Chinese speed in construction, it has been proved that, from the correct selection and arrangement of prefabricated materials, it is possible to conceive interesting architectural shapes and spaces. View more View full description
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