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In their winning proposal for the competition for the first of four towers in Grønttorvet (the former vegetable market outside Copenhagen), Tegnestuen LOKAL drew inspiration from the area’s industrial history to create a landmark with a green identity for the neighborhood and the future residents. When the Copenhagen Vegetable Market outgrew its location in the city center in the 1950’s, wholesale moved to the adjacent town of Valby. An industrial complex was erected from where fruits, vegetables and flowers were sold to restaurants and retailers throughout Copenhagen. Today, the city has grown to surround the market, complicating logistics around the initial function and causing the vegetable market to relocate once again. This calls for a new purpose for the area. When the last wholesalers left the area, the architectural environment was in a state of disrepair. Tegnestuen LOKAL chose to expand the frame of reference to include the nearby industrial complexes of Carlsberg and F. L. Smidth, where the buildings have stood the test of time. A palette of red/brown bricks grounded the new residential area with Copenhagen’s history and a special emphasis was put on detailing the brickwork of the new buildings. The tower and building body integrate the history of the vegetable market with the buildings by creating a vernacular of clear-cut, well-detailed volumes of bricks and plants. View more View full description
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