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Operating within an uneven and lengthened plot (with a 2,20m facade) located in the city centre of Seville was not the only starting restriction, there was also a derelict steel structure, abandoned some years before by the previous landlord, which had to be reused and integrated on the project, even if it was thought for a quite dissimilar program. Additionally, the space located at the bottom of the plot, theoretically expected to be a garden, was surrounded by constructions far higher than the house, seriously compromising the privacy of this area. The proposal embraces the complexity of these problems, assuming the limitations and constraints imposed by the situation, and makes them its source of strength. The house adopts the Sevillian casa patio typological organization: the sequence of the zaguán-patio-room-garden, looking for transparencies and deep perspectives. The zaguán, in this case, because of its condition of filtering space with two different closures (a perforated steel gate and a glazed door) becomes an efficient and solvent thermal regulator for the whole house. View more View full description
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