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The International Exchange Center in the new campus of Shanghai University of Science and Technology mainly serves as a boutique hotel for external business, a conference and swimming pool for internal service. The project is located in the northeast corner of Zhangjiang University of Science and Technology, Pudong, Shanghai. It is adjacent to the campus living area. The location near the end of the campus enables it to obtain multiple independent external traffic entrances, which facilitates the organization of complex user streamline relationships within the campus. The International Exchange Center is a truly international exchange center with multiple functions, both internal and external services, and international first-class standards. Design Concept1. Nodes and scenery: The International Exchange Center is the end and important node of the north-south axis of the campus. The architectural image adopts the combination of a tall tower and a low extended skirt building. The tower serves as the visual end of the view from the water landscape axis of the campus living area and the teaching area, while the low extended skirt building takes the pleasant scale as its own. The space enclosure of the square joints formed by the turning of the water body. View more View full description
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