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Sadhu's space is open and friendly with the main color are dark wood and the blue of mallard duck that will reflect a part of the architecture of Hoi An ancient town (a small old town located in the Central Vietnam) and diners get immersed in an extremely relaxed space. Each line of Sadhu repeats more or less from the architecture in Hoi An. In addition to the details of the Buddhist spirit such as pure feelings like clouds, frankincense. Diners also find familiar feelings of traditional Vietnamese houses. This is also a pure Vietnamese element that Sadhu wishes to bring to customers, each tree-covered tile roof is built with the hope of giving customers a space to enjoy peace, quiet, but still warm. Yin and Yang roof tile, the slat wood system is inspired by blade's sword and especially with the details of "Mat Cua" - a characteristic which is associated with the architecture of the specific culture in Hoi An. The "Mat Cua" is a circle wood shape what is carved. Most of them look like the flower petals inverted in a clockwise direction or the Bagua. They are painted in many colors. The "Nhieu Dieu" -  A piece of red fabric is hanged in front of the house. It means like a symbol of the eyes what can be observed and a source of energy to protect the house. View more View full description
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