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Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. As climate change and global crowding intensify, this figure will only become more severe. The Solrødgård Climate and Environment Park, serving the city of Hillerød in northern Zealand, seeks to shine a brighter spotlight on the global challenge of sustainable resource use. Developed from a 50-hectare, 1 billion-DKK master plan, the park aims to open community dialogue on resource use and climate awareness by creating public appeal within a municipal infrastructure. Henning Larsen contributed to the park with their exterior design and landscaping for the Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant, embedding the public facility within an accessible earthen framework. Here, a recycling center, wastewater treatment plant and administrative facility stand alongside walking trails, a bird-watching tower, and a roosting hotel for local bats. By weaving recreational space into public utilities, the park creates a unique space where visitors can gain a natural, firsthand exposure to the cycle of natural resources within the community. The design extends a critical conversation on resource scarcity, which disproportionately affects developing communities. View more View full description
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