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The Modern Transportation Engineering Center is located in the north longitudinal section of Songjiang Campus of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, which is adjacent to Sheshan Mountain. The construction land is not abundant, with a plot ratio of 3.3. Under the proposition of intensive, multi-function, high density, we draw lessons from the design strategy of constraint conditions, refined the concept of "traffic" as the principle of organization construction system, and integration, through the form function streamline sharing the superposition of the series, open space to build a fit contemporary discipline education complex blend the new trend of interactive connected. The design has abandoned the layout of laying the line to improve the utilization rate of the base, and adopted a modest attitude to eliminate the obviousness of the volume. The courtyard is divided into three negative Spaces: square, courtyard and atrium, which can enhance the diversity of external space and sense of hierarchy, and meet the needs of lighting and ventilation of more rooms. View more View full description
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