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In Porto, northern Portugal, an alternative accommodation experience took over an 1883 building previously homed the mythical shirt factory - "Confiança" – also where the first film was shot in Portugal by Aurelio da Paz dos Reis, in 1896, which depicts the workers leaving the factory on Rua de Santa Catarina. This alternative experience is the ZERO BOX LODGE - created not to be a hotel nor a hostel, but rather a new type of accommodation where the rooms are wooden compartments purposely created for the rest of the guests. The building characterized by a narrow width of the façades, compared to the depth, and the absence of natural light that emerges from that depth, led to a rethinking of the way of inhabiting the space. The architect chooses to keep the building structure and façade, reconstructing entirely the upper floor and rooftop. View more View full description
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