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Asymptote Architecture has designed a new Space Center to house educational, scientific, art and entertainment programs for space exploration. Launched as part of the Galaktika Foundation’s initiative to create the first city in space, the project was made by architects Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture. Dubbed the Cosmos Center, the design aims to become an inspiring landmark for interstellar space enthusiasts. Currently, the Cosmos Center is looking for a municipality for the construction of this international project. “We are delighted to invite bids from potential host towns around the world to benefit from the construction of the Cosmos Center and to become a place with real connections to the world’s future heroes of interstellar inhabitation and exploration. The Center will serve as a place for inspiration, exchange of ideas and entertainment. It also will be a platform of higher learning, hosting forums and facilitating dialogues for the dissemination of new concepts and ideas. I hope that our Cosmos Center will become a place, which will unite people around the idea that space is the future of mankind,” — said project’s founder and president of Galaktika Foundation Aliya Prokofieva-Greeg. View more View full description
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