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Design trends are often the result of foreign cultural influences, avant-garde creations, and innovative solutions for people's ever-evolving needs. Although the design world seems like one big mood board, some cities have managed to outshine the rest with their recent projects.  As part of their annual Design Cities Listing, Metropolis Magazine has highlighted 10 cities across 5 continents with intriguing projects that have harmonized contemporary urbanism with traditional and faraway influences.  Lima, Peru Throughout the late 20th century, Peruvian architecture has been affected by the internal social and economical conflicts, which is why several architects, such as Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse, were forced to travel abroad to study and work. The duo started their architecture studies and career in Paris, and it was only till the late 1990's, when the situation in Peru gradually improved and they received their first major Peruvian commission, that the duo made their way back home. Their work is a combination of Parisian influences and historic Peruvian techniques, taking climate-specific spatial cues as referents. For their Beehive Offices building in Lima, the architects externalized the structure to maximize the interior spaces, using concrete "exoskeletons" on the facade. View more View full description
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