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The project concerns to a single-family house, built on a plot of land with an area of ​​700 m2, located between the access road, at West, a land currently used for agriculture, to the North and another land, at  South and East, occupied with a residential building as well. The materialization of the proposal is based on a rigid geometric matrix, which tries to find metrical and spatial relations between the constituent parts of the dwelling and the land, proposing the rationalization of the construction as opposed to the surrounding area. An intentionally designed and artificialized area is created, dictating the internal rules of the housing and the outer space, promoting a perimeter band of 3.00 meters wide, related to the natural topography, maintained as it is. It is in the "core" that the proposal applies and solves the program and the connection of the various spaces that form and generate the desired experiences, from circulation areas, to work spaces, seating or resting, both external and internal. View more View full description
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