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Repulse Bay is among the most luxury residential areas in Hong Kong. Backed by mountains, Pulsa is steeply sloped with spectacular sea view of the Bay. Eight houses are arranged in two tiers to optimize sea views, yet minimizing disturbance to the natural slope. “When the architecture is integrated with nature and even becomes its integral part, damage to the environment is minimised.” According to Aedas Executive Director Cary Lau. Embracing residents and visitors with nature is what Cary’s design plans to achieve. Surrounded by lush landscapes, the design motif of Pulsa is inspired by sea waves. Different floor area, layout, building profile and materials have been adopted, bestowing each house a unique identity in a coherent statement. Facades of houses create diffractions and reflections, creating ever-changing perspectives from different viewing angles, to surround residents by the natural beauty of Repulse Bay. View more View full description
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