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Situated in the Piz Lunghin, also known as “The Roof of Europe”, the On Mountain Hut sits in an idyllically remote location beside an alpine lake. The site is only reachable on foot, hovering at nearly 8,200 feet of elevation. Inside, the simple hut is finished almost entirely with plywood, with the material used to create the walls, floors, and ceiling, along with a selection of simple tables. The hut is also powered by energy from solar panels and uses natural rainwater. This was achieved by installing a unique roof fixture that could collect and filter rainwater for use, along with water collected and filtered from mountain streams. The zero-waste hut is clean and modern and designed to leave no trace behind after it is deconstructed in September. Anyone is welcome to hike up the mountain to visit the hut, but only the winners of competitions hosted by On’s retail partners as well as its employees are allowed to stay overnight. The On Mountain Hut was built as a tribute to the remarkable landscape and to share the source of their inspiration with the world. It also marks the launch of the Cloudrock Waterproof, On’s first-ever hiking shoe. View more View full description
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