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This single-family house is located in a very rainy area, with little light and low temperatures. Therefore most of the year is spent living indoors. On the other hand, although the place where the house is located has views of green meadows and forests, these views are in the opposite direction of the sun's course. Considering this setup, a house that would allow that indoor life, but avoiding the feeling of confinement and darkness and incorporating the exterior into the interior, was designed. The house is located in the highest part of the site, allowing an ample and overall view, but at the same time managing to capture the sunlight during most of the day and being able to feel immersed in nature, thanks to the permeability and transparency of the design. The vernacular architecture of the German settlers was taken as a reference, the elongated volume and simple lines with a gable roof and elevated skylights that allow the existence of a loft, a space that stores the heat and opens up towards both sides. Following this line, materials such as prepainted locally manufactured zinc for the walls that face the non-roofed exterior and certified larch roofs for the access corridor were chosen, both materials that in the colonial era resolved the exterior cladding of houses and warehouses in the area, preventing the entry of water into the interior. View more View full description
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