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This is the combined residence and office of the project’s architect. Located in a beautiful natural setting selected as one of Japan’s top one hundred sited for viewing cherry blossoms, the building’s exterior features a natural stone base intended to blend in with the environment. Seeking to reflect a distinctive Japanese aesthetic that favors natural materials and finds beauty in simplicity, the design emphasizes plainness and blank spaces in the interior. Because the boundary between these interior spaces and the outside world is ambiguous, a wealth of connections and depths arise, resulting in a high-quality living and working environment that leaves lingering impressions. The doma, a tiled area on the first floor that can be walked on without removing shoes, has a double-height ceiling and opens inward onto a private courtyard and water feature where subtle seasonal changes in the plants and the sound of water prompt a keen awareness of time. The spaces become increasingly open to the outside world as they move upwards, offering a chance to come into sync with nature and open oneself to the surrounding landscape. View more View full description
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