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Designed as a temporary residence for an oyster farmer, French firm Raum Architects have created a simplistic structure based upon an acute attention to detailing and material selection.  Located in the countryside of Bretagne, the residence reflects the nature of the site through the large glazing and movable partitions that open the residence to the outdoors.   The house is composed of two main areas; a hangar and an office/lounge space that includes a kitchen, dining room and seating area.  A patio, which can either be open or closed off, offers the transitional space between the two.  The inner patio allows light to permeate through the different interior areas, even when these interior spaces are closed off from the exterior with the large sliding doors.  The hangar,  an open work space for the oyster farmer, is articulated by its exposed wooden frame.  A translucent plastic SITS behind the house’s vertical slatted skin, allowing diffused light into the space.  While this component is set aside as a separate ‘wing’ to the dwelling, the space can easily be integrated both visually and physically by opening up the patio area. View more View full description
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