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This is a small, private house in a dense urban neighborhood. Like a valley, the site is surrounded by buildings on all four sides; the client hoped to build a house that would bring about, even if modestly, a sense of peace and fulfillment between the inside and outside. When I contemplated the rich and mature relationship between the inside and outside in our country's cultural climate, the first example that came to mind was the Katsura Imperial Villa (referred to as Katsura). The design of this small house began from my process of looking deeper into the Katsura in my own way. As I studied the inside/outside relationship as evident in the design of Katsura, I rediscovered various elements that lead to its sense of pleasantness. I contemplated on ways to implement this knowledge-which I had extracted from the Katsura which also has a grand garden-in the small and dense urban "valley." View more View full description
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