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The library located inside the main building of theschool, formerly served the high school students without natural ventilation and lighting. The main entrance was compressed to 2 meters in height due to the floor settlement above,thus it barely drew any attention. The library still remained with its original 3 level layout from90’s: Over-crammed bookcases, poor lighting and service, lack of reading area. Such dated conditions distanced many precious books from public exposure. Within such limited space, the school wished to create two lecture spaces, one digital reading room, and an area for ancient books repair and display. In addition, more than 100,000 books need to be accommodated. Open spaces can be transformed for different purposes by time management. Converting the 1200 m2 of three levels into 800 m2 of two levels. The existing 3 level space was reintroduced as 2 floors with higher, more experiential ceiling heights. The upper level serves as an open reading area for students to read, meet and interact, while the lower level functions as the main book archive space. View more View full description
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