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In recent years, with the rapid development in Shenzhen, the intensive use of construction cause an increasing density of urban space. With a series of policies at the same time, the urban population has expanded so rapidly that the demand for academic degrees has increased sharply. Diversified architectural functional requirements for future education lead to an improvement of hardware indicators in school space. Considering the adaption to the development of urban land, population scale, educational concept, school with high FAR(Floor Area Ratio) and high density has become a hotspot and challenge in the design of primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen. Qianhai NO.3 Primary School of (now renamed as Liwan Primary School of Shenzhen Nanshan Experimental Education) is located at the foot of Dananshan Mountain in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, east of Moon Bay Avenue, west of Qianhai Road, north of Gangqian Road, and south to a residential area. The total area of the school is 13048 square meters. In the initial public bidding, it was required to have 24 classes in the school. Due to the severe shortage of the degrees around, the number of classes was adjusted to 36 at least, so the final area is 33200 square meters and the volume ratio is 1.7. Compared with the reasonable volume rate of 0.8 stipulated by Shenzhen Standards, it’s important to design a three-dimensional school with healthy, relaxed, comfortable and open space under such a high floor area ratio. View more View full description
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