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The factory roof housing project is located in Oudenaarde, a provincial town in Belgium, where -according to the planning regulations- only industrial buildings can be built. Because of its central location and the residential character of the area, we presented a different vision to the city: we will utilize the roof, an otherwise unused surface as a second surface for constructing low-energy roof houses. Treating a factory roof, which is otherwise unused (water impermeable) surface, as a building lot for housing can provide a small answer to the ever-increasing population pressure. This sort of urbanization is not disturbing and conceptual wise these occupations can go well together. The two entities may even be complementarily used: as an office or home for the workshop user. We use the industrial building itself in a flexible way by constructing a simple rectangular volume which can be divided into smaller segments to provide an affordable workshop for small arts and crafts companies (tailor, ceramic, glass workshop, furniture maker). A possible interaction and cooperation between these crafts can be the starting point for a better, locally made, sustainable trade model for this small provincial town. View more View full description
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