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Architectural photographer Marwan Harmouche has published images of the new Paris Courthouse, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Situated on the northern edge of Paris, the Tribunal de Paris regroups various facilities previously dispersed around the capital, becoming the largest law courts complex in Europe. The building takes the form of a slim, transparent, 160-meter-tall tower of stacked volumes, carefully laid out for efficiency and ease of use. The stacked volumes decrease in size as they rise, thus reducing the building’s perceived scale. The first volume is long and low, blending with the proportions of Haussmann’s Paris, while the three subsequent volumes each contain ten stories in a tiered system. Below, we have published a selection of Harmouche’s photographs. For more information, visit the photographer’s official website here. To learn more about the Paris Courthouse, read our full projects article here. View more View full description
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