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The Lakeside Plugin Tower is 480 square meters of live/work housing. It is developed in partnership with the Shenzhen Institute of Building Research, a leader in sustainable building design and urban development, as a prototype for the Xiong’an New Area, an important ‘model city’ currently being developed by the central government. Xiong’an is located 100km Southwest of Beijing, and is planned as a clean, affordable and congestion free alternative to the capital. To keep housing affordable in the new city, all housing will be state-owned and subsidized. It is conceived as a low carbon eco-city using 100 percent clean electricity with 10% of the area protected as permanent farmland. To minimize the impact of the building on its site, the Lakeside Plugin Tower sits on a foundation of distributed concrete piers. The entire building is raised one story above the ground to allow for storm water to be absorbed into the ground. This aligns with China’s sponge city concept, a rethinking of the asphalt city to reduce extreme flooding and surface pollution in urban areas. The height of the elevated building also allows abundant sunlight for vegetation to flourish uninterrupted across the full site. View more View full description
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