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Description provided by the architects.The “Future Materiality” installation is developed by Citymakers and designed by “Pravda” architectural bureau. Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow is the curator for this project. Описание предоставлено архитекторами.Инсталляция "Материальность будущего" для Moscow Urban Forum 2019 была разработана компанией Citymakers по дизайн-проекту архитектурного бюро "Правда”. Куратором стенда выступил Комитет по архитектуре и градостроительству города Москвы. Project team’s goal was to describe the city of the future avoiding literal quotes. The installation contemplates the changes happening in Moscow. The city here is associated with a river - permanent in place but constantly changing. “Future Materiality” is trying to extrapolate the spatial experience letting the spectator develop their own perception of the project. That is to say, the changes in the city are not just new buildings, roads, or parks, but the experience of sunlight reflection, street noise, sunset shadow or smell of linden blossom. City experience modifies simultaneously with its development. “Future materiality” creates a statement for the significant future city changes that is to protect citizens from unpleasant experiences, to preserve essential, and to add new unexplored and unusual ones. View more View full description
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