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ARCVS has released details of their first place entry for a competition to design a multifunctional bridge in Novi Sad, Serbia. Spanning the River Danube, the “Elbow Shadow” bridge contains a hotel and office building alongside the pedestrian walkway. The scheme combines European influences such as the Ponte Vecchio and Rialto Bridge with vernacular responses to the river channels. The main axis of the bridge is positioned 20 meters downstream from the nearby industrial port, offering viewers an alternative experience for the viewer, from “the status of the static, centric observer to the status of eccentric, forward-leaning observer.” The bridge’s construction system also draws influence from the old Varadin Bridge destroyed in 1999. At the bridge, 4000 square meters of office-hotel functions sits alongside a pedestrian-cycle-infrastructure bridge, with a span on 200 meters and a width of 6 meters. Merging those commercial and infrastructural programs into a single structure has offered a 50% bonus in usable area, as opposed to keeping the functions separate. The infrastructural route is therefore transformed into a catering/shopping street overlooking the River Danube waterway from miles downstream. View more View full description
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