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A project to regenerate the ruins of buildings damaged by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. Citizens who have experienced earthquakes have become aware of symbiosis more than ever by helping each other.What I shared with the client was to aim at how to interact with citizenship activities, not as a rental income facility. Therefore, we planned a public space of private space where people interact with each other in a circle, such as cooperation with nearby shopping areas, local events, administrative use, and cultural exchange. The proposed plan is a small building and multi-purpose plaza, not intended to recover costs, but provides minimal returns with low initial costs. This plan complements the space under the eaves, the rooftop plaza, the pocket park and those elements not found in the arcades on the street. These are actively opened and have a step-like cross-sectional shape to slowly connect the lively street on the front and the calm area on the back. By slitting the opening, not only can the power consumption be reduced using daylight during daylight, but it is also a structure that delivers the bright air opened by trees, lights and people's activities to the arcade. View more View full description
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