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Architects CHYBIK + KRISTOF have broken ground on a new modular architecture research center in the Czech Republic. Partnering with Czech module manufacturer KOMA MODULAR, the project was made to introduce a new system of modular construction. The design celebrates architecture and organic shapes through the vacancies between each element in modular construction.  As the team outlines, "while celebrated for its sustainable and holistic nature, modular architecture requires a significantly higher design complexity, challenging architects to depart from standard rectangular construction and spaces." As modular structures are usually created by placing right-angled modules side by side, CHYBIK + KRISTOF have realized new spatial possibilities through a custom combination. Spatial modules containing facilities are leveled onto the planar flooring modules, which are anchored to the foundation. Both modules then function as columns, allowing them to hold the roof modules and form a continuous main space. Keeping the workplace breathable, all-glass surfaces between the modules and a series of skylights draw in light from all sides of the structure. View more View full description
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