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The ceramic was the starting point of this project. Widely used as covering on façades, floors and walls, the ceramic allowed to explore many textures and different characteristics in each situation that it was employed. On the façade, the first volume is coated with light bricks and contrast with the higher volume with dark bricks. A composition of three staggered volumes allowed the facades a volumetry that softens how tal the residence is. Large-format porcelain tiles cover all rooms floors. To ensure the integration of the rooms, there is no material transition between them, kitchen and veranda. A porcelain tile was chosen to allow the use of polished surface pieces in the internal rooms and pieces with natural surfaces on the gourmet terrace. The two floors are connected by a monumental staircase in concrete with cantilevered steps of 1.40 m. Entirely coated with a combination of white and black marbled porcelain tiles, the staircase is a major highlight in this project. View more View full description
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