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The design concept of the vertical beam society is carried out from the three basic functions of the link “old sugar factory reserved area, podium garage, platform corridor”. Under the principle of retaining the space texture of the original factory area, the new building and the old building are precise. Harmony and coexistence creates a comfortable consumption scene. The core reserved area is centered on the “Factory Director's Office” built of stone, combined with the boundary of the newly-built residential parking lot, and “adding a small yard” to create a bumpy interface. At the same time, the designer retained the use of the porch elements that used to transport sugar cane (sugar raw materials) to bridge the huge difference between Binjiang Road and the site, emphasizing the axis relationship between the main commercial hall and the tour route, and clarifying the entry of the main plaza space. Order also solves the problem of spatial connection between residential areas and commercial areas. View more View full description
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