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Apartment interiors are so custom-tailored to prospective residents they’re often ill suited for actual residents. When the needs of new occupants inevitably change they often times modify the apartment layout with the initial effort to create a bespoke apartment significantly wasted. Our renovation removes parts of the apartment to fit the owner’s daily life while concentrating on strengthening the bones of the space – the core elements that will be there for a while even as the needs of its occupants change over time. The new owner asked to remove one of the original bedrooms preferring to open up and enjoy the space of his 1189SF / 110SF Williamsburg home. Rather than add in lots of new custom features, the design tries to improve the apartment’s overall feel for the long run. Curved coving softens the light of the main area’s 11-foot / 3.35-meter high ceilings. Instead of a sharp contrast line along the tops of walls, the walls and ceiling blend together into a bright smooth surface during the day. The coving continues along the walls to the apartment’s entry foyer drawing natural light into the otherwise dark-ish space. At night, the walls and ceiling reflect the lights from surrounding buildings. View more View full description
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