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The Encore Mount Wutai Theatre lies outside of the south entrance of the Wutai Mountain scenic area and on the open ground before two hills. Because the need of large-scale situational performances, the theatre space is a large space that is 131 meters long, 75 meters wide and 21.5 meters high. The 730-meter-long and slowly unfolding "Sutra Folds" is located in front of the theatre, and the scriptures of the A vatamsaka Sutra, the "king of sutras", are inscribed on the Folds. The seven "Sutra Folds" are arranged to form a gradually opening order from high to low and become the prelude of the theatre performance. No sooner does the audience enter the "Sutra Folds" than the performance begins - the theatre is just like a vast sutra slowly opening before the view of the audience. Therefore, the exclusive theatre of "Encore Mount Wutai" is a theatre extending from outdoors to indoors. View more View full description
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