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The renovation project for the Maranhão apartment seeks beauty in imperfection. Natural elements were the starting point, as we tried to create an architecture of soft nuances and of handcraft processes. By elevating the expression of each part, through the appropriation of materials marked by time coupled with new and precious elements, we strived to achieve a work that recalls nature in the abstract. The texture on the living room walls is a mixture of mineral fragments with a muted palette of soft colors. Their pigmentation is made with a combination of raw earth, pure water and natural dyes developed by Estúdio Orth specifically for this project. The bedroom follows the pared-back tectonic of the apartment coupled with crystal and brass sculptural objects resembling giant jewelry. The kitchen wooden beaded curtain was handcrafted by an old woman artisan from Piauí, in the north of Brazil. The island countertop is an assemblage of different stones and marbles sourced from different quarries. Custom-made furniture was designed by Estúdio Orth for this project using materials such as brass, leather, crystals, and cast metal. The pieces, inspired by Brazil's religious syncretism symbols, were conceived as sculptures that are also fully functional objects such as light fixtures and chairs. View more View full description
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