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This renovation and addition project transforms a typical suburban colonial house into a dwelling that is open, naturally day lit, and engaged with the landscape, garden, and sky. Located on a steep forested corner lot, reforming the landscape was a critical component of the project to anchor the project into the hill side and to create a new terraced garden.  The existing garage was demolished and the vernacular form was extended to the garden to create a new two story transparent entrance and living area with expansive views to the garden and sky. Re-envision. The goal was to transform a closed-in inward-looking colonial box and repurpose the structure into an open transparent volume for living with nature. Faced with an economic choice to build new on a lot far away from downtown or renovate an aging colonial home closer to town, the owners decided to re-envision a typical colonial box and transform it into a sustainable modern house with views to the outside.  The owners’ love of gardening and natural light was an inspiration for the project and generated the opportunity to create a transparent structure and completely redesign the garden and landscape. View more View full description
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