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In Barcelona, the cradle of contemporary urbanism, the landscape is enriched with endless layers of history. Since its first settlers, Roman colonists, generation after generation built here, one on top of another.  Romans, Visigoths and a brief Islamic period are still embedded within the city's prettiest streets. These old architectural stories are delightfully present nowadays. At first glimpse, the traveler can spot a 14th century stone cathedral coexisting with a computer-generated undulating structure – in harmony. Not many cities manage temporary tension as good as Barcelona. This city has much to offer to the refined traveler, besides its superb built environment. The roads lined with leafy trees (more than 150 different species across the city), the perfumed gardens, its exciting culinary scene and a mild climate that always leaves a sun-kissed glow. Not to mention the seaside. Those of us who live far from the sea find this a treat. View more View full description
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