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Wood & Straw, an innovative and responsible constructive choice. Straw insulation is a natural material: it is a material healthy, durable (experiments show straw houses dating back nearly 100 years) and powerful (we get resistances of the order of 9 W / m².K - compare to 5 W / m².k traditionally for walls properly isolated).By opting for the construction of wood & straw, biosourced construction is favored, which limits the use of unsustainable resources. The constructive advantage of wood and straw construction compared to the traditional wooden structure and MOB wood frame walls is the possibility of complete prefabrication of the wall. The low weight of the wooden structure and straw allows the production of large areas of factory walls. The assembly line does not require a very powerful crane and the panels can be easily handled on site with light lifting equipment. View more View full description
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