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The EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science will be a mixed-use campus bringing together academia and industry, linking local students, researchers and technologists to each other and with their global peers, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The Convergence Center program includes a set of mutually reinforcing facilities totaling 25,000 sqm of built-up area. The project site is a 15,000 sqm plot perched on top of the Hrazdan river gorge in Yerevan, Armenia. With an initial budget of over 25 million euros, it will create an open platform and a vibrant community combining academic and training facilities, businesses and a conference venue with retail units such as cafes, restaurants, a gym and a daycare center. The project is an extension of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, an innovative after-school learning center attended by close to 15,000 teenagers every week. It is located next to the TUMO building which houses, in addition to the TUMO Center, leading technology companies, both multinationals and startups. View more View full description
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