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Barreca & La Varra has won the “C40 Reinventing Cities” competition with their proposal for a zero carbon “Housing Sociale” scheme in Milan titled INNESTO, working in collaboration with Arup Italia. Under the INNESTO scheme, the Milanese suburbs are enriched by a new settlement principle, characterized by a multiplicity of open spaces around residential buildings, marked by important services such as a circular economy district, community food hub, and zero waste food store. Between houses and public space, the relationship is mediated by a series of green “diaphragms” such as private or educational gardens, mulberry trees, or woodland spots.  Drawing inspiration from forest landscapes, where maximum biodiversity allows for greater richness, the scheme’s wide variety of open spaces intends to allow diversity in the interaction between people. This variety also characterizes the shape of the buildings, built with a mixed technology combining timber and concrete, rich in loggias, balconies, porches, and terraces. View more View full description
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