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Located in a Dublin suburban estate, which typically features modest 2 storey terraced houses with ostentatiously large and deep rear gardens, this project propose a model for horizontal densification. Here we see how “Back to back” typologies and land subdivision have generated vast areas of under- utilized landlocked stock throughout the country. The owner was given the opportunity to build a house in the back garden where once stood the tree house he used to play in as child. The awkward triangular shape of the site generated the pure triangular plan of the house surrounded by three gardens with the corners of the house extending to the edges and trimmed to create three porticos which form a series of thresholds that articulate the transition between the gardens while providing a continuous loop around the house. The house is slightly sunken and the slopes of the roof shaped to minimize overshadowing onto the neighboring gardens. The windows are carefully located to avoid overlooking while framing important views, sky, trees, sunlight, etc. View more View full description
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