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The Beginning of Draindot Our client seemed to be confused. She purchased a land lot she fell in love with during a vacation, out of a simple thought that she wanted to live in the Jeju Island, and that was the beginning of Draindot. Started with high expectation, the first building design was a failure, and things were rough for her until she met ilsang_workroom to re-design, and started re-building with us, STARSIS, step by step. As you can see, Draindot started with just a vague idea. There was no big overarching theme such as ‘express the beautiful culture of Jeju Island.’ After all, this place is already a part of Jeju. As someone living in Jeju for just five years, I am bound to be unaware of many aspects of Jeju, and that is why I wanted a silent blending into Jeju. I wanted to achieve a wholesome relaxing experience without interacting with the others. My expectation was that the passage of time would teach us about the Jeju Island. View more View full description
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