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The project is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of  Xuanwumen Inner Street and Xinwenhua Street. The Xuanwumen Inner Street was called the official road outside Shunchengmen in Yuan Dynasty. And in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Xuanwumen Inner Street was called the Xuanwumen Street. In the north side of the east section of  Xinwenhua Street lies Lu Xun High School which is the former site of Peking Women’s College of Education. The original ancient house has a history of more than 200 years, and the original wooden structure and the brick wall of the house have been seriously damaged. Before the transformation, it was a well-known restaurant. In the process of transformation and design, the bar equipment was cleaned up, and a rectangular courtyard space was designed in the L-shaped whole courtyard, which fully utilized the inward-looking character of the courtyard to solve the natural lighting and ventilation; meanwhile, the courtyard is separated into four parts: View more View full description
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