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The house we renovating is located in a townhouse residential area built in the 1930s of Shanghai. All the residential houses in this community are in brick and wood construction, and the inside volume and outline of each building are identical as well. There are many excellent buildings preserved in Shanghai during the Republic of China, however, these residential houses of this district are lacking in both design and construction quality. More than half a century passed, each generation of residents in the community has shown a variety of appearances as the internal structure and the facade changed a lot. By redesigning and reconstructing, we want to create a residential building that is independent of the surrounding environment in terms of visual and lifestyle. This three-story house has 30 square meters each floor, plus a small garden of 30 square meters. It is a very small residential house. The original internal structure of the house is very complicated. The space planning is chaotic, the connection of blocks is not comfortable and it wastes the limited space resources. We completely empty the interior of the house, and redivided the vertical structure, building the floor with stairs. View more View full description
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