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The presence of Mexican architecture on the global scene is increasingly evident and strengthened by the ambassador architects who constantly represent Mexico in international events and exhibitions. Within these samples, you are able to see a constant concern to show contemporary values that denote a sense of responsibility, reinventing their own identity with the urgency of addressing current challenges. It is undeniable that Mexican architecture had an important boom with the role of Luis Barragán as it was he who redeemed the vernacular architecture by relating it to modern values, which was the watershed to form an image about national identity. However, this image of Mexican architecture has evolved over time, exposing some of the most representative aspects of the country. Within this line, MantovArchitettura organized this year an exhibition in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano confirmed by some of the most representative contemporary ambassadors of the Mexican architecture with projects that were carried out in the decade of 2010 categorized by infrastructures, cultural centers, single-family houses, multifamily buildings, landscaping and social development projects that address the current needs of Mexican society from different scales but with quite similar discursive coherence. View more View full description
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