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Moving along the small forest trail in a pleasant natural area of central Jutland, one is met by this humble and simple timber house. The surrounding vegetation is completely untouched, creating the image of a house floating in a sea of green. With this unique location at the end of a forest trail, it is common that pedestrians pass by the house on a trip through the forest. To maintain privacy a carport is designed to mark the entrance of the house and to establish a private border along the forest trail. From this arrival area, a narrow concrete path creates a route through the terrain towards the main entrance, where the concrete becomes the platform and flooring of the entire ground level. The materials used in the design is carefully chosen to reflect the color palette of its natural surroundings. As on the exterior, the interior is also designed with the thought of its relation to the surrounding nature. With a ceiling height of seven meters, the social kitchen establishes an open connection to the first floor and corresponding terrace. View more View full description
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