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The human being, helpless and deprived of tools, decides to transform his habitat. Given the need to protect himself and others, he builds his own cavern. Over the years, he domesticates the fire and then discovers the earth under the fire becomes a rock. Today 70,000 years later, we continue to build using the same materials as our ancestors, with water and earth, and the purpose remains the same: to protect those we love most, and to protect ourselves. María Emilia House is the product of experimentation. The bricks were carefully placed, sometimes on the floor and then raised in the form of panels against plumbed tutors, and in others simply with the aim of relieving the slab. Located in Barrio Jara, one of the traditional neighborhoods of the capital of Paraguay, in a residential area, without many tall buildings and with increasingly smaller and more expensive lots. Asunción has a warm and humid climate it is where we live and built this house, in an urban plot of 8 x 40 meters, in an elevated area of the city near the Paraguay River. View more View full description
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