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Located in the region known as Campos Gerais of the state of Paraná in Brazil, the Refúgio da Cainã is one of the accommodations of a farm hotel located exactly in the area of a geological fault called the “Escarpa Devoniana”. With a privileged view in the foreground of the vast native forest, on the horizon is possible to see the city of Curitiba and the mountains, distant about 50km and 120km respectively. In this natural space marked by a wide green area and the characteristic geology of the site, the Refúgio da Cainã contemplates a simplistic structural concept that reveals the connection of the interior with the exterior by the minimal intervention in the natural environment. It has in its essence, the relation between the artificial structure and the natural universe, where the concept of the project is to harmonize with nature without trying to disguise it, revealing its straight lines as opposed the curved and organic lines of nature View more View full description
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