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It’s a tale as old as time. The architect slaves away night after night designing the most beautiful architecture. The people are raving, excited to see what new and impressive building will go up this time. The render looks amazing! Construction starts, and slowly, small changes start popping up on site: the windows which you poured over have been dumbed-down to save time because they were not ordered quick enough, the brickwork looks nothing like how it was supposed to, and war is waged between architect, builders, contractors and client. Luckily, SiteSupervisor can help turn this nightmare around so the story is finished with a happy ending by providing a management solution that keeps the architect in control of the project. SiteSupervisor SiteComms is the correspondence organizer within the platform and it keeps track of in-project conversations, while highlighting where information is needed from specific people within the communication line. View more View full description
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