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Located in suburb, customers of the ilil coffee store are intrigued by what is on trend even when they are rather hesitant to apply the new trend to their lives. Being surrounded by familiarity can make us feel comfortable, but can be dull; newness can give a fresh touch to our lives, but it may provide discomfort. The main theme of this project was to keep the balance between the two and to make the familiar feel unfamiliar and to make the unfamiliar feel familiar. The priority of this project was to find the essence of things; being able to see what can be created out of the essence regardless of what it was made to be. Designers constantly reexamined their ideas to show customers different perspectives, and this enabled customers to embrace new ideas into their daily lives. As it is near a residential area, bringing in the features of home was key to the design. Familiar factors of the home such as the couch in the living room, curtains, windows, dinner table, and a room with window were brought into the design in a new perspective. The overall structure of the inside was altered but the structure of the façade and the wall paint remained untouched to keep the natural vibe to the space. View more View full description
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