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Design of a stacked house‘Jubako house’is based on our concerning on the relationship between the house and surrounding neighborhood. Jubako: Japanese food stacked boxes, is a set of food containers which can be stacked to sort various kinds of food into each layer. We conceptualized Jubako to create space from series of boundary where perimeter of internal space can be linked with external space. Therefore, we carefully thought about dimension of the building, choices of material and sizes of openings.  Jubako house is a three-storey house for 3 residents. A young couple’s room is on the 1st floor and a parent’room is on the 3rd floor. On the 2nd floor, there are living, dining and kitchen so it is easy for the residents to access from their own floor. We arranged vertical circulation: stairs and elevator, and toilets on the west side of each floor. It is not only beneficial for arranging plumbing system, but it also prevents the interior space exposing to the sunlight in the daytime. View more View full description
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