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Foster + Partners has released their design for a library and cultural center alongside The Scroll, a new piece of public art by British sculptor Gerry Judah. Called the House of Wisdom, the project coincides with Sharjah being named this year’s UNESCO World Book Capital. Aiming to be a new cultural quarter in the city, the House of Wisdom was made to establish and retain connections with the outside. Located on the Sharjah International Airport Road, ten kilometers from the city center, the two-story library and cultural center features a large floating roof cantilevering on all sides of a transparent rectilinear volume. The 15-meter-wide overhang shades the façades throughout most of the day, while aluminium screens are designed to filter the low sun in the evenings. The ground floor will contain large spaces for exhibitions, a café alongside a children’s educational space, and the archive and a reading area. View more View full description
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