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The historical Roman town has been busy at work and new exciting buildings, squares, and public parks have bloomed across the city. Since my first trip to Zürich in 2014, a lot has happened around good old Turicum. After a compelling trip organized by Visit Zürich and my friend Philipp Heer, we were able to visit some of the newest, most interesting and uplifting places of the city. Flitting hither and thither, Roc Isern, David Basulto and I enjoyed the privilege of a tailored itinerary, access to Zürich's gems and perhaps the most inspiring, the architects behind these amazing structures. If you are tremendously looking forward to a little exploration, Swiss cheese and white wine, Zürich has plenty of those to offer. Because there is no better way to travel than with an architectural schedule, I made a list of my favorite places of Zürich so you can have some ideas for your next trip. You can also download my Free Architecture Guide of Zürich (PDF). View more View full description
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