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The construction of a semi-detached single-family home in the consolidated, protected urban environment of the El Viso area is resolved based on four concepts: Integrating the new single-family townhouse into its setting, while respecting the volume features of the two bays in the existing building and striving to blend the new building with its extension in with the neighbouring buildings through a thorough study of its volume and the scale of its openings.   Accentuating the natural green space outside over the built interior area. Minimising the ground floor extension and incorporating the outdoor spaces into the home on each floor by means of large windows and the successive terraces the building produces through the staggering of its storeys. Optimisation of the resulting space, without generating drab circulation areas, enabling the design of open spaces. The incorporation of passive and active design strategies to optimise the new building’s energy performance. This includes incorporating water on the roof to exploit its thermal inertia and the installation of geothermal wells in the home. View more View full description
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